I love The Tea Party and the Greatest singer and musician captain of the Ship Jeff Martin 

Five Years and Finally Single

0d4d9dc92e157ba764a9d5db5d2a7f66I think this is the first and last time I will have a friends with benefits.  It has taken me a very long time to decide if I wanted to write about this situation. It is quite funny, quite ridiculous, and one of those moments where you try to tell the story to someone else and it is almost so weird that they walk away judging you more then the person the story is about, which has made me hesitant on sharing it. I am not a fan of friends with benefits I have decided. Maybe my first time has tainted my opinion but there is something about a guy asking to put it in your butt that is just not sexy and makes me very hesitant to try this whole friends with benefits again.

So this guy, my friends with benefits man, he is a virgin. This somehow made me comfortable with our random make-out escapades. The first time I made-out with…

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