You Don’t Spell Love you Feel Love

Five Years and Finally Single

1972536_739049022796372_1000767351_n Sooooooo Mini’s nickname should be changed to Mini the Man Stealer Mouse. It is a little bit more fitting. Now before you think that I am actually upset with her I would like to prefess this story by saying I am not at all mad that she stole my man and if you would like more in depth information about why she is a man stealer I suggest that you read my post  I’m a CrossFit bitch, bitching about men…I think it is pretty hilarious.  Moral of that story is if a man is yours to steel he was never your man. Ladies remember that. That is one of the most valuable lessons I have learned through out my MANY (really not much at all) years of dating. 

I could pretty much rewrite this entire story about the CrossFitter and repost it here. It is literally the same story….

I have crush on CrossFitter.

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