The Dark Flaneur

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My One Contribution To The Internet

Walter Benjamin has been on my mind since starting work in London. He was an essayist, that is to say proto-blogger, before WWII, and his ideas have gently permeated Western Thought ™. Amongst his many topics was the “Flaneur”, loosely, the city-wanderer (Baudelaire is also associated with this idea, but I read Benjamin). The idea is that there is a special kind of existential satisfaction from meandering through and around cities observing the ebb and flow of life. As a general concept, it is useful for exploring and explaining works of urban fiction. I tend to think of Oscar Wilde in the framework of Benjamin’s Flaneur. Tied up in this concept, of the Flaneur, is the notion that someone in that position has a wider and deeper understanding of the city and its people than those who travel through the city with purpose. If your object is to merely get…

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