Fantastic The Tea Party

I was there oh YAH Montreal Métropolis show 28 November 2014. Incredible Magic Fabulous experience I’ll never forget.
All songs Great and such Beautiful from the new album Ocean At The End or the marvellous succes as Fire In The HEAD, The River, Transmission, Lullaby, Temptation, Heaven’s coming Down, The Messenger, Psychopomp, Sister Awake, and part of Led Zeppelin bomb.
What ask more!! I feel I’m lost in The most possible dream!
It was , for me, my first LOVE Live show of TTP and I have no regrets that I was the first to wait outside with cold weather at 3h15 and enter inside at 6h30.
Don’t miss the opportunity to see them if you can you will always remember this Fabulous show. Mister Martin hypnotise the crown with his wonderful baryton voice and his talent with many instruments and Jeff Burrows and Stuart Chatwood are perfectly playing to make the show (inoubliable).
What say more them that??? Wish you as joy as me to go to heard them.

It’s only the beginnig of The Musicians Gods Performance!!!

Diane Harvey




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