Jeff Martin Australia acoustic solo tour After The Ocean At The End

The great singer and Captain of the ship of The Tea Party band Jeff Martin
From March to May 

 “Martin carries the mantle of a proper rock star…” SMH

Following a mammoth year of recording and touring in Canada and Australia, JEFF MARTIN will hit the road in solo acoustic mode nationally from March through to May on his ‘Returning From The Ocean At The End’ tour.

There was an abundance of creative juices flowing for The Tea Party’s frontman Jeff Martin in 2014…the teaming up with Sarah McLeod (The Superjesus) for their National ‘Man The Life Boats’ Tour led to the recording of the debut album for Black Diamond Express – the side project for both Martin & McLeod and Mick Skelton (The Baby Animals), and followed with Jeff’s production work with Sydney anthemic rockers, Lepers and Crooks. Throughout all of this was the recording of the critically acclaimed ‘The Ocean At The End’, The Tea Party’s first album in ten years. The long awaited release was a welcomed return for the Canadian prog-rock trio and coincided with sold out Theatre shows and rave reviews throughout North America & Australia. ” Rob Walker


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