Tips for sustainable travelling

The Soul Hugger

As I’ve mentioned in my Zero-Waste living: my beginner’s journey post, each month I will focus on one area of my life where I can reduce waste. Since I was travelling through South-East Asia in February, it made sense to dedicate my efforts into becoming an eco-conscious traveler.

Below I share some practical tips for sustainable travelling that I have implemented into my habits. While most of them are rather obvious and can be applied to everyday life, it’s always useful to be reminded of ways we can help the Earth.


Tips for sustainable travelling

Bring a reusable water bottle
A small part of my soul shrivels whenever I purchase a plastic water bottle. However, compared to my recent trip in Iceland where the tap water tastes like it’s sent from God/Thor and is filled with miraculous healing powers (or so the country’s inhabitants told me), consuming tap water in Vietnam would have left me permanently squatting above a…

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