Bio: Je suis une femme "passionnée" par l'humanité, l'Univers, les Arts ( La Créativité), L'histoire, la technologie, la Philosophie, La Beauté, La Spiritualité, la cuisine, la Mère-Terre, la Culture, La Famille, L'Amitié, L'environnement etc À prendre pas nécessairement a-priori par les plus grandes passions dans l'ordre, tel qu'énoncé. Merci Diane Harvey

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2 thoughts on “THE GREAT THE TEA PARTY and more

  1. didine596472 June 20, 2014 / 5:54 pm

    This site is most an honor tribute to my favorite rock band The Tea Party. Hope it’s gonna help to make them know more around the world. ♥

  2. didine596472 June 21, 2014 / 3:55 am

    How happy I’m having news about the new single release of The Tea Party: ‘Waters on fire’,
    I have the privilege and joy to heard at Montreal radio post CHOM fm.
    It’s a wonderful tender song.
    I know the coming album is gonna be a masterpiece I listen music always and you can trust me I know what I talk about for this Power Human Art. I tell and I sign. Diane Harvey. Can’t wait for the album and the world tour coming up I hope not too far.

    Spiritiadiane Diangesh on YouTube Diane Harvey

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